Barnetts Valley Controller:

    • Eliminates debris dams
    • Are easy to install - for homeowners and professionals alike!
    • Alleviates diverter problems
    • Eliminates water overflow issues



What is Barnetts Valley Controller (BVC)?

The photo to the left shows a gutter with a inside miter at a roof valley. The debris is piled up against what is called a splash or diverter, its purpose is to keep the water from over shooting the gutter. The problem with a splash or diverter being installed is that it stops debris from being washed or blown off the roof. The debris collects behind the splash and eventually provides water a path to follow allowing it to miss the gutter and overflow. The only solution to this problem is to remove the debris clog by hand, or install Barnetts Valley Controller on the inside miter at a roof valley. Its twice patented design is dedicated to getting the water into the gutter and allowing the water and wind to clear it of debris without maintenance

Although the color in our photos is white, our customers have requested it darker so our product is now manufactured in black to match darker color roofs.

Visit our How it Works page to view details on how our Valley Controller works.

Our customers' testimonials say it all!

"Your product was a great solution to my problem. I only wish I had found it sooner!"

"I could not be happier with these devices. The storms came through this past Sunday, and they passed with flying colors! I can't say enough good things about this product."

"Just wanted to followup and let you know that I have been testing the BVC over a complete season and it has worked flawlessly. I am very impressed."

Priced for the homeowners and contractors alike

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Box of two:$38.98
Box of four: $66.99
Contractor Pack (20): $289.00

Valley Controllers are only available in black.


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